We’re becoming BuyAssociation, and you’ll be getting a lot out of that!

Officially joining forces with BuyAssociation will bring three big changes: An even simpler route to market, the absolute leanest property connection and a bigger stock variety. All through our new Marketplace.

What’s in it for you?

Simply put: A bigger variety and more control.
We’ve teamed up with the country’s most forward-thinking and innovative developers to offer you the best range of investment property available in the UK. All direct from the source.

At the same time, we’re creating a system that puts you in charge. You can now pick and choose what you actually want to know about. And you will only receive that, nothing else.

Use us well, and you will find stock first and at the best price. Moreover, you can use our news and market commentary to actively control the way you get your property information.

So basically, it’s all the good things you’re already used to from IA Property, plus new add-ons, a wider reach and better offers – making it BuyAssociation.

Gain Access to the Marketplace



Every deal happens between the investor and developer. We will never charge you any fees, ever.


Pick and choose what info you’d like to receive and only find out more about projects you’re actually interested in.


What we’re offering is a marketplace where you can find investments and developments that suit your interests.

Be ahead of the curve

Now is your chance to tell us more about what you are interested in and find out more about our line-up for 2017 before everyone else will.
We promise you’ll like it.

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